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How to Get Inexpensive Term Life Insurance for Seniors

I’ve got good news:

Buying inexpensive term life insurance for seniors is easier than you think!

view affordable term insurance plans for senior citizensHere’s why…senior citizens are healthier and living longer than ever before. In term life insurance lingo this means that this risk associated with a term policy is lower than ever for an insurance company. Lower risks for companies means more affordable rates will be offered to seniors!

Here at Advisor Impact, we specialize in helping seniors find affordable term life insurance coverage. Keep reading to learn about our two best tips we give seniors who are looking for inexpensive term policies:

Tip #1: Keep Premiums Low By Purchasing Right Amount of Term Coverage

Here’s our opinion:

There’s a lot of senior out there paying to much in premiums. Based on many conversations we commonly find that senior citizens are making these mistakes:

  • Have Purchased Too Much Coverage
  • Have Purchased Permanent Coverage with No Needs 
  • Have Purchased The Wrong Term Period

With all of the problems mentioned above, it all comes down to doing a proper insurance analysis. We have found that too many agents out there are selling seniors coverage that is not need. That’s why at Advisor Impact, we ask the right questions and make recommendations based on your financial goals. 

Tip #2: Compare and Shop Term Rates for Multiple Carriers

Don’t do this:

Only get a quote from one life insurance company. We find that many seniors just call their local home & auto agent when looking for a cheap term policy. The problem is that most of these captive companies are not competitive on senior life insurance.

So what happens is you are provided with an expensive rate. Even with multiple policies discounts you could be paying more than 50% too much for the policy!

Do this instead:

Work with an agent or comparison service that can shop around for the best term life insurance rates for seniors. Every client that we have helped purchase term life insurance was different than others. No two people will be the same…everyone has:

  • Different Reasons for Buying Term Policies
  • Different Health Issues and Health History
  • Takes Different Medications 

The secret to getting inexpensive term life insurance for seniors is finding “company sweet spots”.
Each life insurance company will look at you very differently from an underwriting viewpoint. This means that Company A may offer you rates that are much different than Company B or C will offer. The key to finding the best term rates at the cheapest price is to shop around and work with an agent that understands the marketplace.
To give you an idea of how much rates vary, take a look at term life insurance rates for a recent case we worked on for a non-smoking female, age 57. She contacted us looking to compare rates. She had a quote from another company (Company B) that was not what we felt was a good offer.
Take a look at the term savings she received by applying with the right company:

Inexpensive Term Rates vs. Expensive Term Rate: Comparison for 57-Year Old Female

(Premiums Below: Rates are for $250,000 in 15-Year Term Life Insurance Coverage for 57 Year-Old Female Non-Smoker in Preferred Health Category. In this sample we quoted the cheapest term life insurance, a median price, and the company with the most expensive monthly price for a policy.)

Company A

"Cheapest Rates" 

Company B

"Average Price"

Company C

"Most Expensive"

$51.25 per month

$75.68 per month

$124.84 per month

See how applying with the wrong company may cost you almost $75 per month?

Said another way: the same exact person with the same exact health could be overpaying by over $900 per year by applying for term life insurance with the wrong company! That’s why it’s so important to shop coverage and work with an independent firm that can compare quotes from over 40-top rated companies.

Here at Advisor Impact, we have experienced agents that understand the senior term insurance marketplace. We stay up-to-date on underwriting guidelines and make sure our clients get the most competitive term offers. We shop the marketplace for your for free and find the best rates!

Go ahead and find the cheapest term rates for free using our quoter below:

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Low Cost Term Life Insurance for Senior Citizens

View Rates on Term Premiums by Age

Seniors Over Age 55

(Rates Quoted Below: Rates are for 15-Year Term Life Insurance Coverage for Non-Smoker with Preferred Health)






$31.81 per month

$62.93 per month

$117.57 per month



$43.40 per month

$79.80 per month

Seniors Over Age 60

(Quotes Shown Below: Rates are for 10-Year Term Life Insurance Coverage for Non-Smoker in Preferred Health Class)













Senior Citizens Over Age 65

(Rates Shown Below: Premiums are for 10-Year Term Life Insurance Policies for Non-Smoking with Preferred Health)













[Advisor Impact Resource: Here's a more in-depth guide on rates for term life insurance over 65 (age 65, 66, 67, 68, 69). ]

Let's move on and take a look at premiums at age 70 and over:​

 Term Coverage for Senior Over 70 Years Old

For those folks under age 70, term life insurance is still a great option. It’s still affordable for those 70 and older if you still have temporary needs for coverage such as mortgage or an income replacement need. Typically, term lengths are not offered by companies for anything longer than 15 years. 

For most men or women that are seventy years older or more, a 10-year term policy will be the most cost-effective coverage to purchase. If you’re looking shopping 15-year periods, we always recommend that you compare the cost with GUL (guaranteed universal life) policies–as these can be a better option in some situations. 

Let’s take a look at quotes on various death benefit amounts for age 70:

(Rates Shown Below: Quotes for Premium a 10-Year Term Policy for Non-Smoker in Preferred Health Category)













[ 2017 Guide on Term Premiums: You can learn more here on rates for term life insurance over 70 (age 70, 71, 72, 73, 74). ]

Here's a more in-depth guide on rates for term life insurance over 65 (age 65, 66, 67, 68, 69). 

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Affordable Quotes for Elderly Over 75 Years Old

Are you age 75 and looking for affordable term quotes?

For those born in 1942 or earlier, securing an inexpensive term policy is still possible! For most of our clients that are 75 or age 76, we recommend that you only purchase term coverage for a 10-year period or less. We work with the top term companies for seniors and you can still get coverage for less than $200 per month with good health. 

Term life insurance for at 75 years old and beyond is a good option for those looking to cover home mortgages or other debt obligations that have a known time period. 

(Rates Shown Below: Premiums Quoted for 10-Year Term Coverage for Non-Smoker in the Preferred Health Classification)













Term Rates for Ages Over 80

(Rates Shown Below: Quotes are for a 10-Year Term Life Insurance Policy for Non-Smoker in Standard Health Category)













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