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Seth Waller is an senior agent with Advisor Impact

Seth Waller

Senior Insurance Specialist

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Don't hesitate to reach out to Seth if you have any questions about senior citizen life insurance. He'll answer any of your questions about cheap term or affordable whole life rates, provide you with personalized senior life ins quotes, and find the best senior insurance company to purchase a policy. 

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We provide quotes for small policies that cover burial expenses and funeral costs. Benefits amounts start as low as $5000. 

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Concerned about being declined due to your health? We offer policies that ask no health questions and guarantee coverage. 

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Life Insurance Plans for Parents

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Are you shopping for coverage on a parents' behalf? We can help you find the best quote, apply for coverage, and even pay the premiums for your mother or father!

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Is your mom or dad over the age of 80? We can help you compare competitive quotes from life insurance companies that specialize with insuring aging elderly men and woman. 

Information about Life Insurance for Senior Citizens with Advisor Impact

Our goal is simple:

To help seniors find affordable life insurance plans to protect their family!

View Life Insurance Plans for Senior CitizensHere at Advisor Impact, we’ve found that many senior citizens still have a need for a life insurance policy. Most of the seniors we talk with thought that they only needed a term policy for their younger years–but now realize that some type of plan is needed to cover them during the golden years!

We are life insurance advisors that specialize in insuring seniors with cost-effective policies. We make sure our clients purchase online coverage that is not expensive and fits within their monthly budget.

Advisor Impact works with over 40 of the best life insurance companies in the United States. We’ll work on your behalf and present your health in the best light to underwriters to help you secure affordable rates!

We commonly help seniors find coverage to protect things such as:

  • Home Mortgage 
  • Small Debts 
  • Funeral Costs and Final Expenses
  • Burial Insurance
  • Leaving a Legacy

One advantage of working with a life insurance consultant for seniors at Advisor Impact is that we understand that all life insurance companies price your health condition and age very differently. Unfortunately most senior life agents only work with 1-3 companies…which means you may not get the best price!

We use our underwriting expertise to your advantage and provide you with multiple quotes for senior citizen life insurance plans. We make sure to submit your case with the most competitive company for your unique situation.